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Honor the past.

Celebrate the present.

Inspire the future.


We are revolutionizing how we share wisdom and ensure lasting legacy.

We believe that through the power of film, we provide our customers with the most vibrant and effective medium for honoring the past, celebrating the present, and inspiring the future. We believe that it should be accessible, easy, and rewarding to tell your story and to share your memories.

We believe that your legacy matters.



Working with you...



The first step in any great relationship is the process of getting to know each other. We have developed a streamlined yet wholistic system for becoming well  acquainted in an easy and fun manner. Our interactive web based questionnaires and engaging team make securing your legacy enjoyable and empowering from start to finish.



If one asks good questions they receive good answers, but if one asks profound questions they are rewarded with profound answers. We pride ourselves on our thought-provoking questions, honed interviewing technique, and proprietary methodology. Our process encourages you to tell your story in your own words and with your own voice. 




Following the interviews, we create a curated shot list to help illustrate your unique story. We are award winning filmmakers that quickly and artistically capture the fundamental elements of life that help to create your singular essence. Through the power of film, your story can be experienced in a way that everyone will cherish. 


Behind the scenes...



If a disaster struck, the first items that many of us would attempt to save would be our family photos and videos. They are the physical representations of memories. Our precious time capsules, whether photographs, albums, or VHS tapes are vulnerable and deteriorating. We expertly digitize this media, to ensure that it is accessible, protected, and enjoyed for years to come.



The art form of non-fiction filmmaking is most on display in the editing room. A confluence of insightful words, unique visuals, digitized memories, inspired metaphors, subtle allegories, and spellbinding music, come together to create something much greater than the sum of its parts. There is magic in the edit, and this is where our filmmaking and storytelling team shine the brightest.



The day that your ETHOS film is completed is a day worthy of celebration. Housed on a custom gold thumb drive, nestled in a luxury box, your film is hand-delivered. Additionally, we provide a dedicated password protected web page where your film is maintained forever. Streamable, shareable, and protected, your film provides a lasting legacy assurance like nothing else can.  


The ETHOS team consists of a dedicated group of talented and caring individuals. We are award-winning filmmakers, skilled editors, and expert interviewers. Our team has a demonstrated fluency in cinematic language, a deep understanding of human psychology, and an inherent love of human beings and storytelling. Our team is uncompromising in providing our enduring legacy assurance to each of our clients.


"I founded ETHOS in January of 2017 in order to provide an authentic and enduring legacy solution. However, it's true origin reaches much further into the past.

I have always been committed to celebrating and preserving the stories of our lives. Shortly after my graduation from Stanford in 2011, I started my first business, a media digitization company.

The genesis of that particular company was rooted in a summer project aiding my aging Grandmother with the transfer of her myriad photo albums and old videotapes. Her wish to share the principles and memories that she held dear with her growing family was inspiring and thought provoking. I soon discovered that this hope and dream is universal and fundamental.

Advances in technology have done a marvelous job facilitating the capture of life’s snapshots. These important yet ephemeral vignettes contribute to the broad tapestry of our lives. However, who we are is a complex combination of our experiences, knowledge, values, and unique spirit. Who we are could never remotely be expressed in all of our Instagram and Facebook posts nor accurately captured by the most current iPhone. Without a coherent and wholistic framework and narrative, these snapshots are disparate pieces of a jigsaw puzzle left unassembled and uncelebrated. We can do better and we need to do better.

This led to the inception of ETHOS.

It became my calling to create films that truly brings individuals and families together. We seek to honor the past by rekindling treasured memories. We believe in celebrating the present by creating a product that is cinematic, shareable, and compelling. And we are committed to inspiring the future by assuring an enduring legacy for all of our clients.

It is our joy to introduce you and your loved ones to ETHOS. We look forward to creating your very own film of a lifetime. Together, let’s honor the past, celebrate the present, and inspire the future."

— Will Agee | Founder & Director
We are proud to call the San Francisco Bay Area home.
We are located in the beautiful, vibrant, and artistic enclave of Sausalito.

Your legacy matters.